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Тема hot to buy ticket for amsterdam show
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What did mike mean by "the carre is closed"?

I'm still unsure about what would be the safest way to
get tickets for the amsterdam show. I'm thinking about
driving to amsterdam on 2.10. to by tickets at the
carre ticket-office (if there is such a thing).
It's a pretty long way to go for just buying tickets,
since i live in germany, but I it seems safer than to
be stuck on an overloaded telefone-line/internet-page.
Any ideas about that? Or does anybody know amsterdam a
bit better and can tell me whether there is a ticket
office at the carre or not, and whether it's open on 2.
10. or not?
Or does anybody have any experience with the carre
ticket service? Do you need a credit card to order
tickets there, or can you just reserve them, too?

thanx for your help
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