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ОтправительI imagine u wnt hr this
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I know you won't hear this...... But on deaf ears I yell are
loved and missed and you play a damn good angel and a better
mr,nick but once again on deaf ears I whisper .."... I wonder if you
relize how the way you have lived and how I question how life is to
be lived .... You make me happy in my sadness and sad in my
glorious powerfull moments as few as they are....I drank my self to
life and am living my self to death...sober, fucking come back you are
missed... I understand that life out lives us all..but we are still alive
and there is still impact to be made.......we are alive!!!! Not dead
yet!,,,,I don't normally talk to a forum, in fact this is my first and
probably last time ... but if some how you see this name is
austin ....I have been listening before I knew who you were....but to
know that you are still out there makes me hope once again just at
least one more time might say fuck it one more time change
someone's life ... Fuck it all!!! I am still listening... Try San Diego
again ,,,,,,,we make our own fun here ..... Shows in a drainage tunnel
or on a beautifull beach ....inside a bridge or a roof top the
underground lives and you are wanted ........experience bat country the
miscreants and the underground following that still is listening... All
acomidations will be taken care of ...remember the beginning just for probably won't see this but fucking thank you
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