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R. Benton, , 2004-08-21 05:26

Amazing. I'm 37 but just "discovering" Tom Waits. Man - what the fuck have I been doin? He's brilliant.

Rob Clancy, , 2004-08-18 09:02

Well done with this site. I was looking for a list of all TW's albums. Now I know.

Денисов А.Н., , 2004-08-17 00:39

У кого слямзил мелодию "Мне бы в небо" Шнуров? Если у Уэйтса, назовите оригинальную композицию. Заранее благодарен.

Pato Gonzalez, , 2004-08-16 09:00

Great site. i visited for the lyrics. I'm from chile. I hope one day he came to this far far away country... Si mi ingles no es bueno, sorry

Josй Ricardo Costa Martins, , 2004-08-13 02:31

Muitнssimo obrigado.

james, , 2004-08-12 05:28

tom waits is fuckin' brilliant. thanx for your site.

Ingo Rettberg, , 2004-08-08 12:22

Viele GrьЯe an alle Tom Waitsfreunde in dieser Welt !

w. jason mashak, , 2004-07-26 08:18

what an amazing website! thank you for your time & dedication in preserving the best american literature. waits belongs in the 'canon' with mark twain, walt whitman, allen ginsberg, etc.

Lafcadio, , 2004-07-26 04:40

in my country, I couldn't find even 1 song of TW. thank you for the huge amount of his music here.

lex, , 2004-07-24 04:22

Верстаю потихоньку сайт, посвященный рок-музыке и блюзу 60\70 годов. Заходите в гости :) Может быть, найдете для себя что-то интересное. И на форум заглядывайте :)

GReeN, , 2004-07-22 21:15

Такое очучение, чито тута давно не работал админ, а надо бы. А так всё хорошо.

A Sailor, , 2004-07-15 00:41

Thank you so much for putting these shows on the internet! I'll be playing them out a sea soon.

Waits Lover!, , 2004-07-13 03:26

Thanks so much for making all this great Waits live music available to all and the lyrics as well. I just wish I could have been there for all the shows. Cheers

Raymond Hogg, , 2004-07-11 06:16

Wow! What a fantastic site. If ever an artist deserved to have his lyrics up there to be appreciated Tom's the one. Get over to Edinburgh, Scotland Tom...SOON!

Stephanie, , 2004-07-01 22:18

I really was pleased to find your page with so many lyrics.I ws wondering if you had the lyrics to the song "Sea Of Love"? I do love the way he sings that peace.

Гена, , 2004-06-24 17:59

Сайт классный, спасибо! Так держать

kamil, , 2004-06-24 10:21

tom is best.......

Johnny, , 2004-06-23 20:02

это клево, что есть такой сайт удачи

Disenfranchised, , 2004-06-23 14:31

WOW! What a site - course I'm a Wait's fan.

yonovotofloto, , 2004-06-17 15:55

tom, listen us!!!!!!!! if you couldn't come to portugal, please come to spainnnnnnnnnnn. you're invited to visit my home. [a very useful web. thank you for all of his lyrics and i'm pleased you could make it. i enjoyed myself with these songs] love&peace

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