tom waits, anything new?, <susana>, 09.10.2003 15:07
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wtom aits, anything new?, <Evil linuxoid>, 14.10.2003 12:00
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tom waits, anything new?, <su>, 14.10.2003 18:11
Тема tom waits, anything new?
Отправлено09.10.2003 15:07

hi everybody. this is my first time in this forum, i
was looking for some t.w. lyrics and i got here...

i'm spanish, and here in my country mister waits is
not as famous as he deserves, so we know very few
about his new works. Has he done anything recently?

does anyone know where i can get a cover he made of
Martha, that he recorded in a toilet or somewhere kind
of, while being drunk and blue; i heard it once on the
radio in one of those late at night weird programs
(lovely ones), but the man explained very little about
where did he get that.

well, thank you. (sorry for not speaking your
language, it's a pitty to me because i cannot
understand what you're saying -but the writing is
beautiful, anyway :)
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