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Toha, , 2002-12-05 19:42

Всем большой ПРИВЕТ-ПРИВЕТ! А ведь 7-го числа День Рождения великого и ужасного. А Вы забыли? Господа, все в "Red Club" 7-го декабря. Часов в 9-ть празднование Дня Рождения с "Billy`s Band", после 12-ти играют "Pepsi". В принципе и то и другое -- замечательно. А вот приходите-ка.

senya, , 2002-12-05 15:20

Tom Waits Rules!

han, , 2002-12-03 16:37

thank you so much for all your great music,`s just heartbreaking!

Валера, , 2002-12-01 18:52

Serge Rusakov, давай друг выкладывай видео! Отличный сайт!

ALEX, , 2002-11-29 10:55

WAITS-муза всех муз!!! Вдохновитель творческих исканий!!!

Tom Siddle, , 2002-11-26 11:34

Hi there, Great site. First one up till now I found with the full tekst of 29.00 dollar. I found some alternate/extra lyrics to it: now when the streets get hungry, baby you can almost hear them growl someone's setting a place for you when the dogs begin to howl well the streets are dead they creep up and ?PICK UP WHATEVER'S?? (but it was) left on the (pole) BARWALK (they make)..MEPHIS'. suckers always make mistakes when they're far away from home Chicken in a pot That's all folks. I'm not quite sure, but hey... Lots of love and thanks for a great site, Tom

Martine Costello, , 2002-11-25 03:50

Just found this site. I've been a Waits fanatic since "Small Change" was released. I have found some of his stuff pretty repetitive, different words but similar chord structures and rhythms - but I still listen to his CDs all of the time. Mostly "Rain Dogs" and "Bone Machine," and occasionally "Nighthawks...." I bought the video of Streetwise, just because of that one song he wrote and performed for it ... he's still my all-time favorite, I like it when he does straight rhythm and blues like: "Gin-soaked Boy" - but there is always something interesting in a Waits' work. As Renfield in "Dracula" - well, that performance was excellent. He lives in a county nearby, but I have yet to run into him, and wouldn't know what to say to him anyway. Hard to believe he has a kid in college. Hard to believe he actually "grew up" even though he didn't want to.... I saw him perform at Stanford University back in the 70's and he behaved as if the performance was just something he had to go through - didn't tell any funny stories, actually acted like he couldn't wait to get out of there. However, the "Big Time" show in SF was absolutely great [a decade later.]

alex, , 2002-11-23 00:37

Радостно осознавать, что мы ни одиноки в своем отношении к творчеству Великого Маэстро Tom Waits. Привет всем фанам.

Wilco Matla, , 2002-11-21 02:51

I wanted to thank Tom Waits for all the beautifull music he gave us. The songs touching me deeply. Thank you Tom

Mike, , 2002-11-13 16:44

In "Russian Dance" there are some russian words: "davai yeschio, davai yeschio! odin, dva, tri, chetyre" which means "do it again, do it again! one, two, three, four" KLEVO! Nishtiak :))

Mike, , 2002-11-13 16:44

In "Russian Dance" there are some russian words: "davai yeschio, davai yeschio! odin, dva, tri, chetyre" with means "do it again, do it again! one, two, three, four" KLEVO! Nishtiak :))

Milan Lehman, , 2002-11-12 13:26

Hallo Waits fans, Iґm looking for his black and white poster (big). Could you help me - somebody? Thanks Milan - Czech Republic

MR RAY, , 2002-11-02 10:38

the gentry shout blue murder but tomorrow it's the same! In the colosium

words of wisdom, , 2002-10-30 01:32

Did you know that if you take cranberries and brew them like apples - they'll taste less like prunes than rhubarb. -Groucho Marx

Bear, , 2002-10-30 01:29

>It's just a lie that I'm living > it's just tears that I'm cryin' > it's just you that I've lost > and I guess I'm doing fine > > it's just friends that surround me > it's just all that I have is time > it's just you that I'm getting over > and I guess I'm doing fine > > it's just solice that absorbs me > it's just a verse that's not in rhyme > it's just so cold that I'm alone now > and I guess I'm doing fine > > it's just another day without you > it's just more time to sit and pine > it's just that I still love you > and I guess I'm doing fine

andy williams, , 2002-10-29 20:46

The large print giveth and the small print taketh away

Алекс Рязанцев (Red House), , 2002-10-21 19:14

Привет ! Мой маленький вклад можно ? Несколько вольный перевод "A Liitle Rain". Если это достойно, чтобы появиться на страничке переводов, я буду рад... Моросящий дождь... Мороженщик тележку бросил возле бара, Там где беспалый музыкант чудит своей гитарой, А немка-карлица танцует с сыном мясника, И моросящий дождь не страшен им наверняка... Они на крышу в танце подались И потолок дрожит, он рухнет скоро вниз, ну что ж, с лопатой и в перчатках сладок сон, И моросящий дождь струится в унисон... Земля вращается и я по ней вращаюсь, Гонюсь за тем, что стоит битых ног, Любого здесь свалить готов я с ног Когда бы знал, что это того стоит, Когда бы знал, что в этом был бы толк Ты знала океан ? Тебе пятнадцать лет ! В вагон товарный прыг - с бродягой на удачу, Последний взгляд назад, в окне у мамы свет... И моросящий дождь о чем-то тихо плачет...

BEAR!, , 2002-10-21 03:56

no laughs left for us - because we've laughed them all - alas our Summer of love - has died in the Fall - love as vast as a country mile - turned cold in a New York minute - the box of dreams we'd filled - today has nothing in it - minutes to days - days on end - I don't want to have to pretend - crowded thoughts and fridged dreams - die each day in a pool of smoke - trying to drown the sorrows - the memories of you will envoke - a lesson so hard to learn - when a good thin is over - can't drink you off my mind - so I'll see you when I'm sober - the curtain again falls - to another empty day - without you by my side - and pushes us further away - STOP THIS RIDE!!!! - I've paid my toll with my heart and soul - "Dead heart's pocket change"--------------------- CLICK

Josh, , 2002-10-20 17:50

Great site, it warms me to think there are people out there who are as spellbound as I am by the maniacal genius who twists me with his words,opens my mind and brings tears to my eyes every time.

Bear (Minersville PA), , 2002-10-17 02:53

Waters endless and deep downstream dragging blind horses ---WHIP CRACKS attention class! begins the lesson lonesome strech of track deep wooded loveless slumber click - clack to the next stop where can I love another? a new stranger - tell me all about it looking for a good time roll the dice.....hard seven danger ahead, read the sign waters endless and deep downstream leads my blind heart submerged in endless abyss the warmth of her hand touch - caress and kiss can I swim? and if I can't? ------------------hesitation breeds misery THE END

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