here you can see Alice libretto by Paul Schmidt

Real Gone Anti 2004
Blood Money Anti 2002
Alice Anti 2002
Mule Variations Epitaph 1999
Beautiful Maladies Island 1998
The Black Rider Island 1993
Bone Machine Island 1992
Night on Earth Original Soundtrack Recording Island 1992
The Early Years Vol. 2 Bizarre/Straight 1992
The Early Years Vol. 1 Bizarre/Straight 1991
Big Time Island 1988
Frank's Wild Years Island 1987
Rain Dogs Island 1985
Asylum Years Asylum 1984
Anthology of Tom Waits Elektra 1984
Swordfishtrombones Island 1983
One from the Heart Original Soundtrack Recording CBS 1982
Bounced Checks Asylum 1981
Heartattack and Vine Asylum 1980
Blue Valentine Asylum 1978
Foreign Affairs Asylum 1977
Small Change Asylum 1976
Nighthawks at the Diner Asylum 1975
The Heart of Saturday Night Asylum 1974
Closing Time Asylum 1973

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