1. Tom Waits Digest
The main TW site.
URL: www.officialtomwaits.com
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2. Harry's Harbour Bizarre - Tom Waits MP3s
I've taken from this site almost all MP3s.
Unavailable at the moment. Ladies and gentlemen - Harry's Harbour...
URL: www.beefheart.com/Waits/harry.htm
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3. OLGA homepage
Guitar tablatures.
URL: http://www.olga.net/
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4. The Music Database
Here you'll find guitar tabs.
URL: http://music.netsysinc.com/
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5. Deja.com forum: alt.music.tom-waits
Tom Waits forum/
URL: http://www.deja.com/
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6. Tom Waits Library
Site with great link collection. It contains some interesting TW quotes and lyrics analysis.
URL: http://www.tomwaitslibrary.com/
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